After you have paid for your chart you will find the download in My Downloads within your IB Account Page

Download your chart to your desk top or to a file on your PC or other device.

Print your chart and cut around the edges.
Lightly spray paint the back of your chart brown or green (optional).
Laminate your chart leaving a large gap around it (see image).

We recommend that you attach your chart to the outside of a Butler Creek scope cover (large end of the scope) using Velcro.
It is a good idea to leave a little space between your chart and your scope cover. This allows you to locate your target with your left eye, while looking through the scope with your right eye. You may also punch a hole through the chart after lamination to secure the chart to the scope with cord.

Additional Notes:

Most InstantBallistics charts feature a 300 yard zero. We recommend zeroing your rifle at 100 yards. Then adjust to compensate for any wind (achieve a no wind hold). You may want to then put on one click left windage to compensate for spin drift. Then you wont have to worry about it out to 600 yards.
After achieving your 100 yard zero, then add the proper elevation to take you to a 300 yard zero. Verify by shooting at 300, then zero out your elevation knob.

Happy Shooting!